Private Jewish tour – Weekend in Vilnius visiting Trakai and Kaunas

Private Jewish tour  – Weekend in Vilnius


Day 1

Arrival to Vilnius.

Meeting with the guide at the airport.

Sightseeing tour of Vilnius, including Gediminas Castle, the Cathedral square, the Old Vilnius  University,  Presidential Palace, St. Anne’s and St. Peter and Paul’s Churches, walk along medieval pedestrian street in the heart of the Old City, Amber Museum, City Hall Square and the “Gate of Dawn”.

Further walking in the medieval Jewish Quarter of Vilnius, called Lithuanian Jerusalem. Jasha Heifetz music school, ORT school building and history, Tarbut Gimnazia and nawadays JCC. Former Yiddish theatre,  rabbis’ council and Theodor Hertzel visit to Vilnius. Benedictian convent and story of saving 12 Jewish souls during WWII. Medieval Ghetto streets and Vilna Gaon’s house; the Great Synagogue spot, butcher street. The Big Ghetto and the story of the resistance. Judenrat office, hiding place in the cellar, Ghetto theatre and the only active Vilnius Synagogue.

Overnight in Vilnius.


Day 2

Departure to Trakai. Stop at Paneriai Memorial (Ponar).  Continue to Trakai. The picturesque Trakai national park with pine forests and lakes, and the ancient Lithuanian capital – the residence of Grand Dukes of the country. Visit to the 15th century insular castle hosted the museum of Lithuanian history nowadays. The history of this region includes the story of the small ethnic group Karaites, brought by Vytautas the Great from Crimea 600 years ago. Trakai is famous with Special Karaites dish –  Kibinai (meat stuffed pastry. Trakai Castle visit.

Day 3

Departure to second large Litnuania city – Kaunas. Visiting Kaunas Synagogue. Tour of Kaunas  Old Town  with its Catholic churches, narrow streets and cobbled squares, cosy cafes and art galleries. Continue walking along the main pedestrian street, Laisves aleja, with its 2-3 storey buildings, restaurants, shops, just as they looked before the war. Visit Slobodka – Jewish neighbourhood since 1500′. Building of the famous Slobodka Yeshiva.

Overnight in Vilnius.

Day 4