Lithuania is a country by the Baltics, bordering with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad Region. Country is known for its never ending forests, white sand beaches and flat green landscape.

Climate is mild, with warm summers and not very cold winters. You can visit us any time, but better to avoid autumn turning into winter and early spring periods – they are too grey and rainy.

Did you know – that Lithuanian word for rain is spelled – LIETUS, and the country name in Lithuanian – LIETUVA?

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Lithuania Visited places


A city dated back to 14 th century has one of the largest old towns in Eastern part of Europe as well as second largest collection of baroque style architecture after Rome...


Second largest town in the center of Lithuania, important economic center, home for the second international airport and a number of well-known museums. People come here to see museum of Lithuanian painter M.K. Ciurlionis, who...


Once a visitor surprisingly said – I have never seen Christmas trees on the beach. Welcome to the Baltic seaside – covered with finest white sand, slightly chilly and surrounded by Christmas trees. But this...


Druskininkai, Birštonas, Anykščiai – Lithuania is proud to have a number of well-developed resorts with luxurious SPA, water entertainment parks, mud treatment s and even all year round functioning skiing parks. Druskininkai houses the only...

Other Baltic countries


Latvia is comfortably located in between Lithuania and Estonia – the center of the Baltics. The same as Estonia can be proud of enormously long seacoast and together with that...


Estonia is in the north and culturally quite often attributed to Scandinavia. It’s a country of wild nature – you can drive miles without meeting anyone. National parks – Laahemaa,...