Belarus is the country full of mysteries and at the same time – growing, modern and inviting travelers – did you know of their recent visa free policy?

BELARUS, 5 amazing facts:

Minsk is older than Moscow, in fact oldest historical records mention it even in 1067

Over 40% of Belorussian territory is covered in forests, this is why they have a green stripe on their flag

Famous people like Ralp Lauren, Kirk Douglas, Marc Chagall and Olga Korbut are all originating from Belarus;

This is the land of potatoes, because their national cuisine has over 300 potato recipes

Belarus has it’s Nobel winner, her name is Svetlana Alexievich and she got her Nobel in 2015. for her work in literature.

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Belarus Visited places


New, modern, stylishly Soviet – a perfect place to see the past. But don’t be misled – this is an active business center and a great place to have fun!


Belarus is proud to renovate the medieval castles - The Mir Castle complex (Mirsky zamok) is an outstanding example of 16th-century fortification art. It’s located in the town of Mir in the Grodno region of...

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