Medieval feast at Trakai Castle
Have you ever dreamt to take part in a medieval feast? We offer you medieval music, spectacular views and delicious food in Trakai Castle, erected in the middle of Galve Lake. After a short introduction to the history of Trakai Castle you will be escorted to the main hall were waitresses dressed in medieval style will be waiting for you. The evening will be continued with a solemn dinner while listening to baroque music, taking part in medieval games, listening to the stories told by a joker. We do believe that the memories will be unforgettable.

Solemn dinner in the heart of Vilnius
You may have an exceptional dinner at Vilnius Town Hall. The building is located in the very heart of the old town of the city in a beautiful square. Impressive stairs lead to the second floor, were the dinner is served in the fascinating halls. This gala dinner accompanied by live music will leave an unforgettable impression.

Board games evening
Join a team for an evening of board games! Or throw your own board game party! Don't worry, that is one of the easiest ideas for an evening, and we have several different board games that can be played.

Folk evening
We invite you to Lithuanian national feast. Listen to joyful music and old songs, participate in an active traditional game, taste national dishes and a traditional Lithuanian liquor mead. Dance and sing with ethnographic and folk ensemble during an unforgettable evening!

Feast of the nobles
That is a great opportunity to get acquainted with authentic traditions and to spend an evening in the company of descendants of Lithuanian noblemen, as well as tasting traditional meals and drinks. The lessons of polonaise dances and various 18th century games are combined with dinner.

Tasting Mead
A unique possibility to taste ancient Lithuanian drinks. Mead is an old beverage made of honey. It was used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman Empire. During the middle ages it spread all over Europe, especially to the Scandinavian, Slavic and Baltic lands. The Baltic mead was first mentioned at the end of the 9th century.


Dinner in Soviet style
The participants become Soviet people who had fulfilled governmental plan for the past year, so now they gather to celebrate this. The restaurant hall is decorated with Soviet flags, red tablecloths, carnations, different slogans from Soviet period. A lady from the Party greets and registers everyone, putting their names in a special book. Later on she gives the stage over to the first secretary of the Party, whose announcement mainly covers the achievements of the Party over past year. During the whole dinner the guests have no possibility to forget the reason why they were gathered, as they have to fulfil different tasks. The most active ones get special awards. At the end of the dinner Soviet style disco awaits.