Ice-blokart sailing
Try out ice-blokart sailing. This entertainment is suitable for beginners in sailing of all age groups. Blokart sailing is very easy. If you can move your arms you can blokart sail! We guarantee, you won't find a more exciting adrenalin filled sport as ice-blokarting.

Dog sled ride
Enjoy a unique dog sled ride across the woods! If you choose dog sled tour, we guarantee an amazing adventure! During the riding break we can offer hot wine, a cup of tea or something to eat.

Let's go ice fishing!
Fish don't hibernate. Therefore, in the depths of a winter wonderland, with the magnificent backdrop of Trakai Castle, it is a pleasure to have a stroll upon the lake, to drill a hole in the thick ice, get warm drinking tea from a flask with some vodka and try to catch some fish. Provided winter clothing will ensure enough warmth not to freeze. Later on there is a possibility to feel the blood rushing down the veins, while chopping logs for the sauna.

Take a horse ride
A sincere invitation to Vilnius horse riding centre. Trainers here are ready to teach horse riding. Skilled riders can explore beautiful surroundings while riding. Carriages are available all year round for your pleasure.

Forest adventure high on the ropes
Swing through the air from one tree to another like Tarzan! The Adventure Park offers amusing swinging high up in the air, both young and old can have fun here. Explore attractive forest environment and take part in highly original open-air activities at the same time.

Ultra light survey flight
A flight of 20 minutes with ultra light two-man plane. An opportunity to get an eyeful of Lithuanian nature. Also an opportunity to pilot this plane and to check, how manageable and manoeuvrable it is. 

Enjoy a ride on "Siaurukas"
Lithuanian narrow gauge railway (750 mm gauge, commonly called "Siaurukas") is over 100 years old; it was built in the 19th century. Initially it operated on transport basis, but now it is only an attraction for tourists. Marvellous views open from the narrow gauge trains. The stations, revealing the architecture and technology of the 19th century are visited. Sometimes special rides are organised, usually they include certain events like robbers supposedly attacking the train, the events which were common when "Siaurukas" was launched over 100 years ago.


Hot air balloon flights
Try out one of the most romantic means of transportation - a flight in a hot air balloon! Those who have ever taken off the ground in a hot air balloon will not forget this experience for the rest of their lives.
The elevation and descent (touch-down) speed of a hot air balloon is rather slow, therefore, no unpleasant sensations are experienced, normally bothering during a plane flight. The horizontal speed and flight direction are equal to wind speed and direction.