Lithuania is just round the corner from any place in Europe. This country is a member of the EU and one of the safest, friendliest, cleanest and cosiest countries of the continent. Everything is brand new! All the hotels are either newly built or freshly renovated. All the historic and nature sights can be explored with pleasure. Whether the theme of the excursion or tour is historical or nature-related, West Express offers a great choice of team-building activities, which will be remembered by the participants for years.

Fun-packed team-building adventures or relaxing pampering can easily transform your conference or corporation meeting into a memorable and energizing experience. We combine the newest meeting and leisure facilities with traditional Lithuanian hospitality. If you are searching for a unique place for your international business meeting, are looking for inspiration or incentive, West Express can help you. We offer:

  • registration online and on-site;
  • packages for participants;
  • technical equipment;
  • pre- and post-meetings tours;
  • technical tours;
  • gala dinners;
  • incentives ideas;
  • professional organizers;
  • assistance, guides, interpreters.


West Express Business Events from on Vimeo.


Our experience:

  • 2015 October: Group of Israel military officials in Lithuania and Latvia, with a great number of special visits.

  • 2015 June: Rally of vintage cars from France and Belgium through the Baltic States.

  • 2014 December: Gala event for TOP VIP clients of one large bank in Lithuania.

  • 2014 September: Enterprise Lithuania, partly organizing Life science congress.   

  • EU presidency, 25 meetings of EU ministers, July - December 2013, over 6000 participants
  • The values of Harm reduction, international congress, June 2013, 800 participants
  • XX year's anniversary of State Tourism department, with direct broadcasting, December 2012, 500 participants
  • NATO meeting, June 2012, 100 participants
  • Gedeon Ricter, international conference, September 2012, 400 participants
  • SEB & Telesonera, Baltic summit, September 2012, 450 participants
  • Baltic institute of corporate governance, Baltic annual summit, March 2012, 400 participants
  • Fenerbachi Ulker, VIP delegation, February 2012, 100 participants
  • Šilutes durpės, opening of the factory, June 2012, 150 participants
  • Annual event - international fair "Baltic Leather and Textile", September 2009
  • The 1st European Conference of Analytical Psychology, June 2009, 100 participants
  • 44th Joint Meeting of the CEB -Council of Europe Development Bank, June 2009, 150 participants
  • Annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, June 2009, 350 participants
  • 37th INTERPOL European Regional Conference, June 2008, 500 participants
  • The final conference of the Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation Neighbourhood Programme, September 2008, 300 participants
  • Annual meeting of the Union of the Baltic Cities, April 2007, 60 participants
  • Fair of the European Union structural support "Leaders of the Regions", May 2007, 300 participants